Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever gone through a job search in the data/analytics world, you’ve probably seen these two job titles (and slight variations on them) quite a bit: Data Analyst and Data Scientist. But what exactly is the difference between these two roles? The short answer is it depends. In reality, these job titles are quiteContinue reading “Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist: What’s the Difference?”

Sports Analytics Reading List

This list was compiled through a combination of my own experience and recommendations from other members of the sports analytics community. I’ve broken the list into two sections: “Where to start?” This section contains my personal essential sports analytics reads. These are books I’d recommend regardless of your skill level or sport interest. “Where toContinue reading “Sports Analytics Reading List”

Languages and Tools to Learn for Sports Analytics

One of the first questions most sports analytics newcomers have is: Which languages and tools do I need to learn to be successful in the field? Learning to code can be a big time investment, and most folks understandably want to make sure they’re spending time on the important stuff. With that in mind, I’veContinue reading “Languages and Tools to Learn for Sports Analytics”

How to Start a Sports Analytics Club

My introduction to sports analytics largely came through my collegiate sports analytics club, the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (“HSAC”). Through HSAC, I was incredibly fortunate to find a number of mentors, both faculty and students, who helped connect the statistics and data science that I was learning in the classroom to sports. It’s no surpriseContinue reading “How to Start a Sports Analytics Club”

Where to Watch: Sports Analytics Conference Video Archives

Sports analytics conferences are a great way discover new work and learn from industry leaders. They can also be very expensive. Fortunately, a number of conferences post videos of past panels and presentations online. There are hours upon hours of informative content, available at no cost. While you won’t get the networking component of conferencesContinue reading “Where to Watch: Sports Analytics Conference Video Archives”

Coding for Sports Analytics: Resources to Get Started

These days, if you want to work in sports analytics, you need to know how to code. There’s really no way around it. And while that can be scary for someone who’s never written a line of code before, it’s not as daunting as it seems. The reality is that there are a variety ofContinue reading “Coding for Sports Analytics: Resources to Get Started”